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Florida HOBY

Director of Staff

Dris Stephen is responsible for recruiting and supervising the outstanding alumni volunteers of HOBY H.E.A.T. This position involves constant communication with all of the alumni and planning staff throughout the year, from the start of planning until after the seminar. Dris has been involved with HOBY as a volunteer since 2007, and is also an active member of the HOBY South Florida Corporate Board.

Dris is a graduate student at Florida International University in Miami. In the past, he has worked as a college admissions counselor, high school teacher, retail supervisor, hotel worker, real estate agent, and active duty military member. He has a bachelor’s degree from USF and is a native New Yorker, which means he is always rooting for the USF Bulls, NY Knicks, NY Giants, and NY Yankees. When he is not doing something HOBY-related, he is can be found reading, writing, or throwing tantrums in front of the Xbox. Dris can be reached at staff.midflhoby@gmail.com or (813) 751-4808.