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Florida HOBY

Co-Director or Recruitment

Alex Moine is so elated to return for the 2013 Mid-Florida seminar that she can hardly stand it. As a 2008 Mid-Florida and World Leadership Congress alumni, she has been involved with HOBY since 2010 working with operations, participating as an Alumni Section Assistant, and expressing her creativity on the audio-video team. This year, she is assisting Director of Recruitment Sierra Mission to communicate with schools and ambassadors.

She is currently a junior studying political science and international studies at Flagler College. She is heavily involved with Flagler’s Model United Nations team, representing the interests of different countries across the globe. She also volunteers with the Political Guild, Girl Scouts of America, and writes for Flagler College’s Political Review.

Alex enjoys taking pilates classes, going to farmer’s markets, and reading about international and global environmental politics in her free time. Her favorite book on foreign relations is “Theories of International Politics and Zombies” by Drezner and suggests it for anyone that is planning their zombie apocalypse survival plan.